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Christmas at I-Care


Since Summer 2017, Jlinks Physiotherapy have been providing physiotherapy at I-Care Stroke Rehabilitation Day Care Trust

The ICARE centre is a small friendly day care centre that offers rehabilitation and support to those who have suffered a stroke and their carers.

Many activities are encouraged at ICARE with special emphasis on:

•Speech and Communication Skills

•Practical activities and hobbies

•Mobility Improvement

•Carer Support

•Relaxation Therapy

Over the last 3 months Jlinks have run individual and group sessions with a focus on   "improving balance and falls prevention". 

We were delighted to be invited to Christmas dinner this week.  It was a lovely meal with entertainment and a lovely catch-up. 

We look forward to 2018 where we will continue to work at I-CARE and be inspired by all our new found friends! - Merry Christmas

To donate to the charity 

Donate to I-Care

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