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Welcome on board Julia Dingley!


Julia Dingley flew back from Australia in August 2017 where she had been working and living for the last few years. In September 2017, once her children were settled into their new schools, we were thrilled to invite her to join us. Jayne and Jo have worked with Julia for many years as community and rehabilitation therapists. As soon as we heard a whisper she was returning to the UK, we were ready with our offer!

Julia works with us for 3 days a week alongside being a brilliant Mummy. We are thrilled to announce as we enter into 2018 she has a very busy diary! Patients and families are equally chuffed we brought Julia on board and we have had many plaudits and if Julia's Christmas presents are anything to go by, her skills and expertise have been very much appreciated. Julia is very measured with her approach and brings some very expert skills to moving and handling. Not only does she look after her patients but she looks after us all as well!

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