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JLinks Consulting and Partnerships

Patient experience

JLinks Physiotherapists have significant practical experience in designing and implementing  patient interviews and questionnaires. We are strong advocates for the patient voice and understand the importance of patient and public involvement in planning and delivery of services.  

We can help you with information collection, analysis and presentation in a format suited to your needs. ​

consultancy area
Developing new services

In a addition to setting-up community physiotherapy services, JLinks has experience in the design and set-up of early supported discharge services and intermediate care services as well as physiotherapy services to assist patients with long term conditions.  We work in partnership with other small businesses, charities and community interest companies to to evaluate progress and improve health and wellness service provision.

Quality assurance

JLinks has significant experience in clinical audit, ranging from identification of audit standards through to full audit design, completion analysis and presentation. 

We can also work with  Care Homes to ensure their staff are able to update Care Plans to include mobility instructions. We have worked with support staff for many years in patients' homes and Care Homes and understand and can deliver a range of approaches to ensure staff are best equipped to help the patient in their care. 

We are also able to assist with Risk Assessments including moving and handling assessments.

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