Physiotherapy at home or other residential setting  

Our fees

What you can expect from our visits

  • An assessment​ from a JLinks Physiotherapist which includes not only physical ability, but other factors that are important to planning the patient's programme.

  • With consent, conversations with family, loved ones and carers to ensure we understand the wider picture.

  • A planned programme of physiotherapy tailored to  the patient's needs. 

  • Follow up visits to deliver the rehabilitation programme. 


Assessments are likely to take up to 2 hours; this includes about 1 hour spent with the patient and a further 1 hour obtaining and collating information that will assist us to plan the rehabilitation programme. This may include speaking with  the patient's GP and hospital therapists; as well as family and friends. 

Sometimes further progress is not possible but physiotherapy may be helpful to maintain current  abilities  for as long as possible; however, if physiotherapy  is no longer helpful we will discuss this and we will discuss this with you. 


Physiotherapy at home

We are a team of physiotherapists.  We specialise in multi-conditions rehabilitation including: neurological physiotherapy, orthopaedic rehabilitation, balance and mobility disorders and post hospital or illness rehabilitation. We treat a wide range of health conditions, further details can be found on our Conditions PagePeople that benefit from home physiotherapy assessment and treatment may include:

  • those that have difficulty getting in and out of bed,

  • in and out of chairs,

  • up and down stairs,

  • lack confidence to walk outside

  • recovering from surgery or hospital stay

  • reconditioning for many reasons​

We are experienced in managing Frailty, falls assessment and prevention programmes, active management of chronic conditions and pre and post-operative care. We also provide neuro-physiotherapy to patients living with a range of neurological conditions such as Stroke, Multiple Sclerosis and Parkinson's Disease. 

JLinks Physiotherapists will complete a full assessment and ensure the planned rehabilitation programme is realistic and sensible. We will discuss this fully with the patient and if they agree, with their family or loved ones to make sure we have a complete picture. 

Physiotherapy in a residential setting

We know it can sometimes be hard to arrange physiotherapy for people who are living in care homes, nursing homes and retirement accommodation.  JLinks Physiotherapists will visit any residential setting and will work with care home staff to ensure techniques, mobility equipment or exercises we recommend form part of the patient's care plans.  


It may be that the patient is living temporarily with family during their recuperation and need a short amount of physiotherapy during this time.  JLinks Physiotherapists can help and are experienced at managing the transitions home if required.


We are also aware that some families are faced with having to make quick decisions about where their family members will live on discharge from hospital and may feel that further physiotherapy would be helpful.  JLinks Physiotherapists can help with this and assist with making onward referrals to other services if necessary.