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JLinks Training

Professional leadership & supervision

JLinks can set up and support your clinical supervision programme or provide experienced clinical supervisors for your staff. We have experience in supervising a range of supervision approaches; including peer-lead supervision, 1:1 and group supervision.

The most successful clinical supervision programmes are those that are reviewed and evaluated regularly and which provide support to the supervisors themselves. JLinks supervisors can provide this for a short time whilst you train your own staff or for longer periods if required.  

Under-graduate & post-graduate training

JLinks Physiotherapists are experienced clinical educators. We are contributors to pre-registration and post-registration healthcare programmes, programmes; teaching on a range of issues from specific physiotherapy topics to broader issues such as clinical governance, patient dignity issues and ethical practice. 

Support workers training

JLinks can design and deliver a range of training packages to ensure your support workers are fully equipped to deliver best patient care. We can assist with a range of topics from specific patient handling to patient confidentiality and understanding boundaries when working in healthcare. 

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