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Are you ready for the challenge? Rehabilitation – what’s right for you?

Therapy in England is often planned and funded as a “pathway of care” or in a “block of care".

For example, you may have a sudden episode of being unwell or an operation where you will enter a pathway of care and may be offered some therapy. Or, you may notice a problem causing you to visit your GP who may refer you for a block of therapy. These funding approaches can limit therapy to a total of 4-6 sessions or can simply result in you not being offered the right type of therapy when you feel you need it.

Are you ready to meet your potential?

Rehabilitation and physiotherapy should help you reach your fullest physical, psychological, social and vocational potential and desired life plans taking into account your medical history and any environmental limitations. Recovering and getting better is hard-work and there are a multitude of reasons which can result in you not being ready. This can be called “readiness” and here a just a few factors

Of these factors, your understanding of your health condition as well as your personal motivation, drive are very important. Often, optimal readiness for rehabilitation does not coincide with when therapy is offered to you. Some people may also want physiotherapy before it is available for them. Other people cannot always work at the pace expected within care pathways and the short blocks of care being offered. This might result in you having difficult conversations with your therapist where you agree to stop your rehabilitation.

What happens if your readiness for rehabilitation changes?

This is why people are turning to alternative options. People can self-refer to us at JLinks Physiotherapy, there is no need for a doctor's referral. You will have more control and choice over when and how long your physiotherapy lasts. We can work at your pace and speed up or slow down as you need. We will also help you to address any factors which affect your readiness to participate in rehabilitation. Working in partnership with you we can help you to achieve your fullest physical, psychological, social, and vocational potential.

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