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JLinks Physiotherapy offers tele-rehabilitation  for assessments and treatments and group exercise

How much will this service cost?

Please click here for fee details or contact us by telephone or email

Invoices for this service will be sent electronically and we request that payment is made by BACS to avoid any non-essential travel by clients and staff.

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How does Tele-rehab by Jlinks Physiotherapy work?

During your Tele-rehab sessions, we complete a specialist assessment and analysis of your movement and function by asking you to show us. Together we will then plan your treatment , which may include; exercises, self-management techniques and recommendations. We will then work with you regularly to  progress your treatment plan as far as possible. Your Physiotherapist will be able to watch you during your appointment and will then provide expert advice, guided exercise and feedback, to ensure you are continuing to work towards your goals.


At JLinks Physiotherapy we always look into how we can improve your quality of life, functional ability and situation. Our work with you may include finding you specialist aids, referring to other healthcare professionals, and co-ordinating care plans with other professions such as neurologists, geriatricians, care managers, carers or members of your family. 

During these consultations our physiotherapists will be making clinical notes as they would during a face to face appointment.

Will I get good quality care?

You can expect to receive the same safe, quality care that you would get during a face to face person visit. Our Physiotherapists will work to the highest level of professional standards

Are there any risks to receiving care via tele-rehab?

As part of initial conversations,  your physiotherapist help you decide the best place for you to be when having a consultation.   For example, a wheelie chair in an office is not a good idea!  We will also check what procedures are in place to ensure the availability of help in the event of an emergency.  For this reason, you may be asked to provide additional details of someone who is near to you.

The physiotherapist may recommend the Tele-rehab appointment takes place in the presence of someone close to you, if this is possible,  to ensure safety and enhance the  value of the consultation.

Tele-rehab group standing .jpg

What is tele-rehab?

Our specialist tele-rehabilitation service provides physiotherapy in the comfort of your home (or care home) while we are at a distance.  You will be able to communicate  via video or phone and complete your physiotherapy under the supervision of one of our expert physiotherapists. 


This service has developed in response to the need for social distancing and quarantine during the Covid-19 pandemic.  Our Tele-rehab appointments are now a highly valued and effective option to complement your rehabilitation. It also allows us to offer our specialist physiotherapists to a wider geographical area.

What tele-rehab services are available at JLinks Physiotherapy? 

JLinks Physiotherapy offer a range of Tele-rehab including;

  • 1:1 New Client Physiotherapy Tele-rehab assessments (60 minutes)

  • 1:1 Physiotherapy Tele-rehab sessions (30 or 45-minute options)

  • Small group neurological rehabilitation exercise class lead by a Physiotherapist (40 mins)

  • Small group ‘FitMove’ Active ageing exercise class lead by a Physiotherapist (40 mins)

How to I set up tele-rehab with JLinks Physiotherapy? 

We can talk you through the best way to access our Tele-rehabilitation services.  You will need access to the internet via a smartphone, tablet, laptop or computer.  The easiest way is for us to book you an appointment via our appointment booking system called Cliniko.  Once booked you will receive an email with a link to “click” at the time of your appointment and this will enable you to join the appointment quickly and easily.  However, if you prefer, we  can use a variety of other internet platforms such as such as FaceTime, WhatsApp, Zoom, or Skype. We would be very happy to provide the consultation via one of these methods if you are already used to using them.

You can contact us about our group sessions and we will talk you through how to join us online!

Will my personal information still be private and secure?

As a company we employ professional and up to date practices and use electronic medical records. Our Privacy statement can be found here ‘Check our Privacy Statement.’  

Please note that video consultations are encrypted by the individual software provider, however, it is the clients’ responsibility to ensure that you have adequate anti-spyware and anti-virus protection on your equipment/devices.  If you are using a mobile phone for a telephone consultation, it can only be as secure as any other phone call on that mobile network.

Remote consultations are treated in the same manner as other consultations in which sensitive or confidential information is safeguarded at all times.

"The video call worked really well. It meant I could see a Physio in my own home at a time of my choosing.  Thanks to the session, I'm now on the road to recovery"

From a 94 year old client in the middle of the Covid-19 Pandemic

"Thank you so much, that was amazing! Mum is really missing getting out to the group so this was a real energy boost and motivatio.  See you next time."

Tele-neuro group participants 

"It was lovely to see my regular physiotherapist via a video call today.  Keeping in touch and keeping me going with my exercises"

Orpington, Kent

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