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6 exercises to reduce your risk of falls

Here are 6 simple exercises we can all do to improve our balance and strength.

In October 2017, we were invited to Chislehurst Library to discuss the benefit of exercise. We focused on using exercise to prevent falls and reconditioning. We used this exercises and members of the public responded positively and requested further assistance and more information.

This video was launched in September 2017 by The Chartered Society of Physiotherapy to demonstrate six simple exercises to stop falls. The animation shows how the six exercises – widely used by physiotherapists – can reverse this trend, strengthen muscles and improve balance. From the age of 30, people can lose up to eight per cent of their muscle strength every decade. By the time people reach 80, they have the potential to lose 40 per cent of muscle strength.

Physiotherapy can help to limit falls risks by using exercises to improve strength and balance, improve people's confidence with mobility and look at strategies, methods and equipment to assist people. If you or anyone you know has had a fall, reduced mobility or is concerned about their balance, please contact us as we can discuss how we can help.

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