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What’s your aspiration for 2018?

This is the story of one of our clients.

Back at the start of Summer 2017, we were contacted by a relative explaining their loved one had been discharged from hospital into a nursing home. Prior to being unwell they had been living at home and enjoyed a game of golf, albeit at a slow pace.

Our client now felt quite isolated; limited by dependence on a sling hoist and a wheelchair. This was having an impact on all the family. Relatives were struggling visiting when seeing their loved one feeling so low. The family wanted our opinion if their relative would be able to improve from being nursed in bed, hoisted into a chair and wheeled in a wheelchair. Like most situations we could not promise anything but said it was worth a try and outlined what we might be able to do.

Over the next few months we worked with the care home staff client and family by:

  • Ensuring that changes to moving and handling equipment was made and practiced so that progress was sustained between our visits

  • Collaborating with the client to set some strength exercises for legs arms and trunk.

  • Working on sitting balance then progressing to practicing standing.

  • Co-ordinating referrals and working alongside mainstream services.

As we approached the autumn, our client was standing with a stand aid and gaining more strength. Conversations changed to talking about goals for walking and whether this might be achieved by Christmas and eventually getting home.

Slowly but surely we progressed exercises and activities and with this, our client's motivation grew. Much fun was had as we all became thrilled to see improvements being made at each session.

The last session before Christmas 2017 had staff members, therapists, the client and relatives close to tears. A rise from the chair and a walk with a zimmer frame was the most perfectly timed achievement. The prospect of home is in touching distance and this has lifted the client and their family.

A huge team effort from everyone and a lesson in determination for us all has put home within reach. Will 2018 see our client return home to meet their aspiration? Let's hope so.

This story has been published with kind permission from our client and relatives.

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