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Vestibular Rehabilitation - Physiotherapy to reduce falls risk

Do you have any of the following?

Benefits of vestibular rehabilitation

You may benefit from seeing our physiotherapist for vestibular rehabilitation.

The vestibular system informs your brain of the orientation of your head in relation to gravity and how fast your head is moving. This is really important as you need to co-ordinate your head movements with the rest of your body in everyday activities and to maintain a steady visual focus. A change in the visual and vestibular system information which your brain receives can change your balance and function.

You might notice you feel dizzy’, unbalanced, nauseous, spaced out, anxious or you may feel like the world is jumping around.

Vestibular rehabilitation may help you if you have any of the following dizziness and balance disorders:

  • Vestibular neuritis

  • Unilateral peripheral vestibular dysfunction

  • Bilateral peripheral vestibular dysfunction

  • BPPV - Epley manoeuvre

  • Migraine associated vertigo/migraine variant

  • Meniere’s disease

  • Age related balance changes

  • Cerebellar stroke

  • Peripheral vestibular dysfunction following traumatic brain injury

The good news is, physiotherapy can help.

Benefits of Vestibular Rehabilitation

Contact us at to arrange for our Physiotherapist to visit you to provide:

JLinks Physio Vestibular Rehabilitation

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